After graduating with honors from the prestigious USC School of Film and Television, Rick Squire rose quickly through the ranks of On-Air Advertising, Promotion and Marketing as a Writer/Producer and Director for Group W / Westinghouse Broadcasting to become one of the youngest television marketing executives in the industry.

His early contributions to advertising and promotion were awarded with many honors, including multiple Clio and Promax Gold awards, and it wasn’t long until he was hired as the Creative Director and Director of Special Projects / On-Air Promotion at NBC.

At NBC, Mr. Squire was given the opportunity to virtually re-invent Special Project Promotion, focusing almost exclusively on series’ launches and network branding.

Mr. Squire went on to spearhead a creative and production team who would, among other things, re-invent the Mondo Star Shoot as an efficient and cost-effective platform for fulfilling the network’s, O&O’s and affiliate stations’ numerous and varied promotional needs.

In so doing, Squire and his team also invented new ways for NBC to talk to its audience.

When NBC moved from third place to first in a single season, these innovative and imaginative ideas for launching TV shows and branding an entertainment network were emulated by its competitors, immeasurably influencing the way in which entertainment providers would introduce their products to audiences for years to come.

Richard Squire

It was during this time that Squire founded his own production company, Planet 3 Films, Inc., which served many of the major broadcast, cable and syndication services as a creative boutique agency and one of the leading producers of live-action Special Project shoots in the country.

Planet 3 Films set the standard for the industry, offering a wide range of cinematic styles, quality and cost-effective production, as well as exceptional client-services and celebrity talent-relations.

In addition to producing countless television campaigns, Planet 3 Films produced and Mr. Squire directed numerous launch spots for some of the biggest box office hits of all time and national commercials for products as varied as Broadway theater productions, major theme park attractions and DirecTV’s 120 pay-per-view movie and sports channels.

Under the Planet 3 Films’ banner, Mr. Squire also served as Executive Producer and/or Director on major network pilots, first-run syndication series and cable television programs, including Women of the World” for King WorldNBC’s “Guys Next Door” and Disneyland’s live Christmas and Easter specials, among many others.

Rick_SailIn 2000, Squire was hired as Senior Vice President of Creative Marketing for the Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) where he oversaw a department of more than 120 people tasked with producing approximately 10,000 promos per year, as well as scores of sales presentations, radio spots, print ads and countless other advertising, promotion and marketing elements.

During his tenure at FOX, Squire launched many hit shows including “24”, “American Idol”, “That 70’s Show”, “Malcolm in the Middle and scores of other series and specials.

After FOX and before joining Vince Manze as a partner at InVinceable Marketing, Squire returned to the supplier side, co-founding Planet 3 Entertainment, LLC., a company which continues to service a variety of broadcast, cable and syndication clients with award-winning advertising and promotion.

Mr. Squire’s list of clients read like a Who’s Who of most major media companies in the America.

Perhaps even more remarkably, the list of celebrities that Squire has directed in promos and/or commercials include many of the biggest names in entertainment and sports.

Mr. Squire is a member of The Directors Guild of America (DGA), The Writers Guild of America (WGA), The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), The USC School of Cinema/Television Alumni Association and PromaxBDA.

Download a list of Rick Squire’s and Vince Manze’s numerous awards and honors.